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Moonalice Promo Videos

If you have not checked out Moonalice, take a look at this promo video.

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One of the most eagerly awaited tracks of unreleased Beatles music has leaked online. The nearly 11-minute outtake of 1968's "Revolution 1" as featured on the band's "White Album" -- which served as the bridge between the "slow" album version of the song and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's experimental aural sound collage "Revolution 9" -- has been leaked online and on YouTube.

The song, subtitled "Remix 1 of Take 20" was recorded on June 4th, 1968, and begins with Lennon saying, "Take your knickers off and let's go."

Although most of the YouTube links have been ordered to be taken down featuring the full 11-minute version, you can find a two-part version of the song posted by user KatMak21 or by searching under the words "Beatles Revolution 20."

Several of the more astute Beatles experts have weighed in on the track. Noted author Doug Sulpy, who co-wrote the definitive chronicle of the band's early 1969 sessions in Drugs, Divorce And A Slipping Image -- The Complete, Unauthorized Story Of The Beatles' 'Get Back' Sessions -- told, "It was worth the wait, folks! This is presumably the rough mono mix of Take 20 that John took home with him (after the session). Consequently, it features the various overdubs, tape loops and general chaos that ultimately turned the last half of 'Revolution 1' into 'Revolution 9.' Personally, I think the 'Mama, Dada' voices (previously attributed to Paul McCartney and George Harrison) are John and Yoko."

Sulpy added: "It sounds like John and Yoko simply took the Beatles track and had some fun with it. It's one of the most significant Beatles tracks to appear in years and makes this a must-have (in whatever form you can find it)."

The Beatles returned to the song "Revolution" later on during the "White Album" sessions and taped a faster, harder-edged version of the song titled simply "Revolution." In August 1968 it was the B-Side of "Hey Jude," the Beatles first single on their Apple Records, and went on to peak at Number 12 on the singles charts.

Nearly four decades since their split, and interest still running high on any scrap of unreleased music finding its way to the general public, many fans feel that the Beatles should make their entire vault available for purchase for fans.

Renowned Beatles author Bruce Spizer says that he'd like to see the Beatles' company Apple approve a multi-media definitive edition of each of the group's original albums: "What I would like to see happen is special editions of albums. Such as where you have a Sgt. Pepper's special edition that would be mono, stereo, outtakes, 5.1 surround, videos, promotional tapes - things of that nature. And I would like to see this for the entire Beatles catalog."

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Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck - legendary guitarists and former Yardbirds

There is an excellent recording of this show available via bittorrent. If you want to obtain a copy go to one of the sites listed below. You will need a bittorrent program - like utorrent - and you will have to register (free) at one of the sites before you can download it.


Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck - legendary guitarists and former Yardbirds - performed their first co-headlining concert in Japan at Saitama's Super Arena on Saturday 21 February. This was the first time they have shared a bill as co-headliners in an arena show. The 20,000 people in attendance witnessed an event that lasted between two and a half and three hours.

Like all weekend concerts in Japan, the show started at 5PM. Jeff Beck kicked things off with a 13 song set that included a stunning verion of "A Day In The Life". Other songs performed included "The Pump," "Cause We've Ended As Lovers," "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Brush With The Blues."

Eric Clapton then took the stage with his band for a 9 song set. It opened with acoustic versions of "Driftin." and "Layla." This was the first time EC "unplugged" Layla in quite some time. His "electric" set included "Tell The Truth" from the Derek and the Dominos era along with blues songs, "Little Queen of Spades", "Before You Accuse Me," and "Crossroads."

The fellow Yardbirds then shared the stage for 7 songs. Their joint set consisted of "You Need Love," "Listen Here - Compared To What," "Here But I'm Gone," "Outside Woman Blues," "Brown Bird," "Wee Wee Baby" and "Want To Take You Higher." The line up for this portion of the concert was EC and his band with Jeff Beck.

One fan in attendance said, "It was a historical night. Jeff tries to draw out all the possibilities from the guitar and Eric tries to express all his feelings with the guitar. It was Jeff's beige vs Eric's light blue stratocaster." Another reported that Jeff's performance was better than his three shows in Tokyo the week before and was even a bit better than EC in their joint set.

Both men spent time in the Yardbirds, one of the key bands in Britain's 1960s blues revival. Beck took over when Clapton departed in March 1965. Clapton left the group as it was moving towards a more commercial sound and he wanted to remain true to his blues roots. The band had a number of chart hits before Jeff Beck left in 1968.

After the Yardbirds, Clapton went from success to success with bands like John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, and Derek and the Dominos before launching a solo career that has spanned close to 40 years. Clapton is a triple inductee into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (The Yardbirds, Cream and as a solo performer).

Following the Yardbirds, Beck went on to form The Jeff Beck Group and later Beck, Bogert & Appice. Beck launched his solo career in 1974. His recorded output has touched on many genres including blues-rock, jazz fusion and electronica. Beck was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with the Yardbirds in 1992 and will be inducted as a solo artist at the annual ceremonies on 4 April 2009.

Over the years, the duo have occasionally joined forces on stage. The first - a benefit for Amnesty International - took place in 1981. At that event, called "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball," Clapton and Beck performed "Crossroads," "Further On Up The Road," "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" as well as the all-star finale of "I Shall Be Released". They teamed up again at the 1983 ARMS shows in London (along with fellow Yardbirds alum Jimmy Page) and Clapton's 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas. Jeff Beck and his touring band also performed at Clapton's 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival. In November 2007, Clapton returned the favor by appearing at Beck's concerts at Ronnie Scott's in London.

Jeff Beck wrapped a solo tour of Japan on 19 February in Osaka. Eric Clapton is currently on solo tour in Japan, with shows at Tokyo's Budokan on 24, 25, 27 and 28 February. Clapton and Beck will team up one more time on 22 February at Saitama Super Arena.

Don't forget to check the Winter Tour 2009 Page on for fan reviews!

Eric Clapton & His Band:
Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Doyle Bramhall II - guitar, backing vocals
Willie Weeks - bass
Abe Laboriel Jr - drums
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Michelle John - backing vocals
Sharon White - backing vocals

Jeff Beck Band:
Jeff Beck - guitar
Tal Wilkenfeld - bass
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
David Sancious * - keyboards

* Sancious toured with Clapton in 2001

Original Performance Set List As Printed For Use On Stage:
Songs not performed are noted - two were dropped by Jeff Beck

01. The Pump (Jeff Beck)
02. You Never Know (Jeff Beck)
03. Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Jeff Beck)
04. Stratus (Jeff Beck)
05. Angel (Jeff Beck)
06. Led Boots (Jeff Beck)
07. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Brush WIth The Blues (Jeff Beck)
08. Solo instrumental by Tal Wilkenfeld with Jeff Beck
09. Blue Wind (Jeff Beck)
10. A Day In The Life (Jeff Beck)
11. Where Were You (Jeff Beck) *dropped and not performed*
12. Big Block (Jeff Beck) *dropped and not performed*
13. Peter Gunn Theme (Jeff Beck)
14. Driftin' (EC - solo acoustic)
15. Layla - unplugged version (EC)
16. Motherless Child (EC)
17. Running On Faith (EC)
18. Tell The Truth (EC)
19. Little Queen Of Spades (EC)
20. Before You Accuse Me (EC)
21. Cocaine (EC)
22. Crossroads (EC)
23. You Need Love (EC and Jeff Beck)
24. Listen Here - Compared To What (EC and Jeff Beck)
25. Here But I'm Gone (EC and Jeff Beck)
26. Outside Woman Blues (EC and Jeff Beck)
27. Brown Bird (EC and Jeff Beck)
28. Wee Wee Baby (EC and Jeff Beck)
29. Want To Take You Higher (EC and Jeff Beck)

The Ten Most Universally Loved Performers

Don't you just love these lists? I agree with most of the choices, but where the **** is Pink Floyd?

The Ten Most Universally Loved Performers

Posted Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:45pm PST by Rob O'Connor in List Of The Day

Now just by claiming that these performers are universally loved means that everyone who doesn't love them will come out and let us all know. But the general point here is that unlike the Grateful Dead who have their loyal followers and their loyal haters, the musicians listed below have all achieved an admirable level of success and don't inspire the same kind of contempt or animosity. Sure, plenty of people may be sick of hearing some of their music, but they don't disrespect it. Just about everyone has at least one Beatles song they like--and even if they're not fans of the group can still admire their accomplishments and acknowledge their abilities.

10) AC/DC: Probably the most arguable on the list, AC/DC excite their audiences with their whiplash power chords and the banshee-howls ignite concertgoers to a frenzy. A great baseball pitcher like Trevor Hoffman has used "Hells Bells" to announce his entry into the game and the group's tough hard rock sound has been assimilated into the culture in ways few would have expected several decades ago when they started. Sure, they're not everyone's cup of preferred tea, but they don't enrage anyone either. If anything, even people who don't like their music seem to get a kick out of watching Angus Young in his schoolboy uniform headbang and moonwalk across the stage. That's entertainment!

9) Led Zeppelin: Since the band played so many different types of music, there's a little something for everyone. And while many people may be tired of them thanks to the excessive radio exposure, the band triumphs with their pure musical skills. Robert Plant may sing a little "high" for some people's tastes, but aside from dogs who are sensitive to such pitches, it doesn't seem to be enough to make people clear the room.

8) Neil Young: Oh, plenty of people don't care for this old croaker. They think his voice is whiny and maybe he plays too loud, but after five decades of public service, people have gotten used to having ol' Neil around and nearly everyone admires the man's energy and dedication to rocking the free world at the going free-market rates.

7) Stevie Wonder: Stevie's talents are undeniable. He comes across as humble and good-natured and you'd have to be a real Scrooge to find fault with the way the man expresses what's in his heart. Does the fact that he's blind elicit a sympathy vote? Perhaps. You can never rule out a certain amount of human empathy. But if his music sounded like he was skinning a cat, people wouldn't care what the man's situation was. They would beg for him to stop. But his music isn't like that yet. (You never know, maybe he'll team up with Trent Reznor next.)

6) Aretha Franklin: Her new hat has won people over for good. But her incredible vocal pipes aside, there has always been a vulnerability to Aretha that has enraptured people and swung them over to her side. She has something that goes beyond the usual charisma of a popular performer. There's a realness there that no amount of studio trickery can hide or replicate. Would the music business have the patience to bring along a talent like hers today? Is there a music business to do such a thing?

5) The Rolling Stones: Oh sure, everyone makes the Geritol or the Viagra jokes and Allen Klein knows they haven't made a decent album in years, but their classics, the albums and singles that made their reputation are pretty much universal anthems now. And more bands have copied the Keith Richards sound if not the Keith Richards lifestyle to suggest that he should do like Oprah, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray and come out with his own magazine and his own line of kitchen supplies. Mick can do make-up.

4) Jimi Hendrix: No matter how poorly his estate has been handled, no matter how many bizarre reissues mutate the man's initial essence, there doesn't seem to be anyone dumb enough to suggest that Hendrix didn't have talent and couldn't play the electric guitar. Sure, some of the fashions look a tad overdone and odd these days and some of the stoned raps from the stage make for a good warning that posterity is not for acidheads, but the actual music silences its potential detractors.

3) Elvis Presley: Now, not everyone loves Elvis, but even those who don't still deal with him better than, say, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Cher and any number of show business veterans. Even all those horrible movies he was in can't generate any true negativity. Pity? Perhaps. Sorrow at the wasted talent? Sure. But Chuck D aside, I haven't heard too many people get down on the man.

2) The Ramones: This really amazes me. Because there was a time when the Ramones were strongly disliked if not outright hated by certain factions of the rock community. But these days kids and their parents and their grandparents and even their great-grandparents all do a "Gabba Gabba Hey!" with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. How can you hate a band that enjoyed being a cartoon? You gonna tell me Fred Flinstone wasn't cool?

1) The Beatles: You might be tired of some of their songs. You might not like some of those tunes. "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" doesn't exactly inspire me to be a better person, but the band recorded so much different music that like an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese-American-Italian Buffet there really is something for everyone. People even have their favorite member. And for some it's even Ringo. And he was the drummer and drummers can tell you how little respect they get. Most of them get stuck carrying their own drums!

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'Firefall Reunion Live' Celebrates Thirty-Two Years Of Platinum Rock & Roll

'Firefall Reunion Live' Celebrates Thirty-Two Years Of Platinum Rock & Roll

2/23/09 - Denver, Colorado - Classic rock fans worldwide have long awaited 'Firefall Reunion Live.' With one magical concert, Firefall brings back a younger time where melodies rule and musicality soars. Original Firefall members joined the current band, together for twenty years, in front of a sold-out hometown crowd at the Boulder Theater on April 9, 2008 for this memorable and satisfying live performance.

The list of recognizable songs is impressive: "Just Remember I Love You," "Strange Way," "Cinderella," "You Are The Woman‚" "Livin Ain't Livin," "Mexico," "So Long," "Goddbye I Love You" and many others. There’s also the newest Firefall single, "Walk More Softly." Their vocals and musicianship are at an extremely high level; the solos feature spontaneous fiery interaction between lead guitars, sax and flute. One thing is certain, Firefall isn’t just a 'ballads' band, these guys rock!

Firefall burst onto the national and international music scene in 1976 with two platinum and three gold albums in their first three years. They enjoyed saturation radio airplay and toured with the top groups of the day: Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Band, Loggins and Messina, The Allman Brothers Band, REO Speedwagon, Bob Seger, Heart, America and many others. Their sound was a breath of fresh air back in the day and remains so today.

'Firefall Reunion Live' features some of the best music created in the 1970s. The veteran Firefall band members who joined forces that evening are:
JOCK BARTLEY - lead & rhythm guitars, lead & backing vocals (original member)
MARK ANDES - bass guitar and backing vocals (original member)
LARRY BURNETT - lead & backing vocals, rhythm guitars (original member)
DAVID MUSE - sax, flute, keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals (original member)
JOE LALA - congas, timbales, percussion (original member)
STEVEN WEINMEISTER - lead & backing vocals, rhythm & lead guitars
BIL HOPKINS - bass guitar, lead & backing vocals, rhythm guitar
SANDY FICCA - drums, percussion
Original lead singer/songwriter, RICK ROBERTS, was in attendance that night and joined in the celebration, but was unable to perform. 'Firefall Reunion Live' is dedicate d to the original Firefall drummer Michael Clarke, who passed away many years ago.

"We sing and play it 'just like people expect' at all the right times, but then we'll stretch out to expand the songs, exploring new musical territory," says bandleader Jock Bartley. In today's predictable and jaded music business 'Firefall Reunion Live' is a welcome achievement. This CD is vibrant and comforting. It's been a long time in coming.

On Winged Horse Records, 'Firefall Reunion Live' is now available for sale on-line at and CDBaby, in a variety of downloadable forms and in select retail outlets nationwide. In April 2009, two new Firefall DVDs will be released, the 'Firefall Reunion Live' DVD, and also a DVD of rare 1979 concert footage of the Original Firefall in it's heyday. Firefall fans here and abroad are ecstatic. These songs stand up strong today; the band's performance and command is truly exceptional. Which song is your favorite? Which one has special meaning or brings back a flood of memories? All of them! Firefall is alive and well with this long-awaited Reunion Live CD and DVD.

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Sony's Newest Piece of S***

This is probably not safe for work due to the language in the clip. But it had tears running down my face from laughing so hard.

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Live From Madison Square Garden DVD and CD

“Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Live From Madison Square Garden” is set for a spring release. It will be available as a 4 disc set (2 dvds and 2 cds).

It will run as a complete show although the running order is slightly different than on the night.

01. Had To Cry Today
02. Them Changes
03. Forever Man
04. Sleeping In The Ground
05. Presence Of The Lord
06. Glad
07. Well All Right
08. Double Trouble
09. Pearly Queen
10. Tell The Truth
11. No Face No Name No Number
12. After Midnight
13. Split Decision
14. Rambling On My Mind (EC solo acoustic)
15. Georgia On My Mind (SW solo hammond)
16. Little Wing
17. Voodoo Chile
18. Can’t Find My Way Home
19. Dear Mr Fantasy
20. Cocaine

Includes ‘The Road to Madison Square Garden’, an exclusive documentary featuring new interviews with Eric and Steve, together with rare footage and photographs of Cream, Traffic and Blind Faith. ‘Rambling On My Mind’: The final preparation for the three legendary performances highlighted by an acoustic soundcheck performance by Eric of the Robert Johnson standard ‘Rambling On My mind’.

Plus Bonus Performances of ‘Lowdown’, ‘Kind Hearted Blues’ and “Crossroads’.


01. Had To Cry Today

02. Low Down
03. Them Changes

04. Forever Man
05. Sleeping In The Ground
06. Presence Of The Lord

07. Glad
08. Well Alright
09. Double Trouble
10. Pearly Queen

11. Tell The Truth

12. No Face No Name No Number

01. After Midnight
02. Split Decision
03. Rambling On My Mind (EC solo acoustic)
04. Georgia On My Mind (SW solo hammond)
05. Little Wing

06. Voodoo Chile

07. Can’t Find My Way Home

08. Dear Mr Fantasy
09. Cocaine

I'm glad to see this is coming out. Interesting approach to only sell it as a 2 DVD / 2 CD set. Why not sell the DVD separately from the CD? I guess there is more $$ to be made by making everybody buy one higher priced set.

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Word Magazine's World: Album Covers

You need to check out this site which shows you where photos for various album covers were taken.

Word Magazine's World: Album Covers

Thursday, February 12, 2009




A year after their pair of critically acclaimed concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden, Eric Clapton and former Blind Faith bandmate Steve Winwood have announced a 14-city U.S. tour kicking off on June 10th in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Eric Clapton - Steve Winwood dates (subject to change):
June 10 - East Rutherford, NJ - Izod Center
June 12 - Philadelphia, PA - The Wachovia Center
June 13 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
June 15 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
June 17 - Chicago, IL - United Center
June 18 - Saint Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
June 20 - Omaha, NE - Qwest Center Omaha
June 21 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
June 23 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
June 24 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
June 26 - Glendale, AZ - Arena
June 27 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena
June 29 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena
June 30 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl

The Clapton-Winwood Madison Square Garden shows received raves and featured a blend of hits and lesser-known tracks by Blind Faith, Cream, Traffic, Derek and the Dominoes, blues greats, along with their respective solo careers.

Clapton says his desire to play with Winwood began during the Cream days: "If I'd had more power of personality and more authority, I would have insisted that we had a keyboard player, and I would've chosen Steve Winwood. I mean, it kept being a fantasy of mine that Steve would join Cream, but I just didn't feel confident enough to broach the subject. Maybe I did a couple of times, but I think I, maybe I was, it was discounted."

The setlist for the duo's February 28th, 2008 show was:
"Had To Cry Today" (Blind Faith)
"Lowdown Dirty Shame"
"Forever Man" (Clapton) (Clapton & Winwood trading vocals)
"Them Changes" (after Buddy Miles)
"Sleeping In The Ground" (archival Blind Faith track)
"Presence of the Lord" (Blind Faith) (trading vocals)
"Glad" (Traffic)
"Well Alright" (Blind Faith after Buddy Holly)
"Double Trouble" (Clapton, after Otis Rush)
"Pearly Queen" (Traffic)
"Tell the Truth" (Derek and the Dominoes)
"No Face, No Name, No Number" (Traffic)
"After Midnight" (Clapton)
"Split Decision" (Steve Winwood)
Solo acoustic Clapton: "Rambling On My Mind" (Robert Johnson)
Solo Winwood on organ: "Georgia On My Mind"
"Little Wing" (Derek and the Dominoes) (trading vocals)
"Voodoo Chile" (long, slow version) (Jimi Hendrix)
"Can't Find My Way Home" (Blind Faith )
"Dear Mr. Fantasy" (Traffic)
"Crossroads" (Cream)

Last year Clapton appeared on "Dirty City," the first single from Winwood's recent album, Nine Lives. Over the summer, Winwood opened for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Eric Clapton performs tonight (February 12th) in Osaka, Japan. On February 21st and 22nd he'll team up with fellow blues legend and former Yardbirds alumnus Jeff Beck in Saitama, Japan.




The former headquarters of the Beatles' company Apple Corps. is once again on the market, for a cool $36 million. The London townhouse at 3 Saville Row, which the group bought in 1968 for $725,000, housed the band's personal offices, Apple's basement studios where Let It Be was recorded, along with portions of George Harrison's Living In The Material World and Ringo Starr's Ringo albums, among others.

The Beatles' final performance on January 30th, 1969 took place on the roof of 3 Saville Row.

Apple moved from the Saville Row location in the mid-'70s, although Paul McCartney and brother Mike recorded in the Apple basement studio as late as 1977.

Leigh Thomas, a representative for Kier Property which owns the five-story building which was built in 1735, told "It's being marketed internationally. If someone wants a bit of heritage with a bit of history of the band, then this is the place. I still get goose bumps in here. It's the world's biggest piece of memorabilia."




Yes will release its latest live album, called Symphonic Live, on February 24th. The double disc features the band captured in concert with the European Festival Orchestra, in support of the 2001 Yes studio set Magnification. Rather than replace longtime keyboardist Rick Wakeman with another player, the band -- in one of its riskier moves -- utilized a symphony orchestra in the studio and on the road to tackle Wakeman's complex and legendary parts.

Highlights on the 14-track Symphonic Live include "Close To The Edge," "Long Distance Runaround," "Starship Trooper," "And You And I," "I've Seen All Good People," "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," and "Roundabout," among others.

Looking back, singer Jon Anderson remembers how pivotal a role FM radio played for Yes when the band first got its start: "It was a very interesting time, the beginning of the '70s, because radio was getting its FM radio and people would play longer pieces of music. It wasn't as you say poppy. Progressive rock music -- it was a career all of a sudden."


Yes launched the current leg of its In The Present tour on Monday night (February 9th) in Houston, Texas at the House Of Blues. The current touring lineup includes bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Alan White, and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman -- son of legendary Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman. Temporary lead vocalist Benoit David is filling in for Anderson, who is suffering from respiratory failure due to chronic asthma.

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Dave Mason at Best Buy Stores

I just found out about this and thought I would share in case Dave Mason comes to a store near you. If you want to see the setlist or hear one of the shows, go here


Here is the scoop on this tour. Dave is being sponsored by JBL/Harmon Karden and Best Buy. he has a new cd which is quite good and he is doing 30-40 minute sets as well as radio stops from town to town. Right now this is a midwest based (ill, ohio, in, michigna, etc) tour but their are plans to take it to the east coast as well. Shows have been drawing anywhere from 75-150 people.

Tuesday, February 10
6 p.m.
Gratiot, MI

Thursday, February 12
6 p.m.
East Lansing, MI

Saturday, February 14
3 p.m.
Orland Park, IL

Tuesday, February 17
6 p.m.
Rockford, IL

Thursday, February 19
6 p.m.
West Madison, WI

Saturday, February 21
6 p.m.
Southridge, WI

Tuesday, February 24
6 p.m.
Iowa City, IA

Thursday, February 26
6 p.m.
Roseville, MN

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Dewey Martin, 1940-2009

Dewey Martin, 1940-2009
Posted: 06:28 PM ET

Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times have reported Dewey Martin, best known as drummer for Buffalo Springfield, has died at 68.

According to the RS obituary, Martin was praised by Neil Young as “a sensitive drummer. … He can feel the music — you don’t have to tell him.” He sang lead on “Good Time Boy” (from Springfield’s terrific second album, “Buffalo Springfield Again”) and background vocals on the group’s only Top 10 hit, “For What It’s Worth.”

According to the L.A. Times, he died Saturday. Cause of death is believed to be natural causes.

– From news reports

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Problem with Ryan Seacrest

I don't know who Bill McMahon is, but he is spot on with this observation on his blog...

The Problem with Ryan Seacrest
Bill McMahon

"On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is a microcosm of what's wrong with radio right now. The problem has nothing to do with the show being created in Hollywood and syndicated to local radio stations across the country. The trouble is the show's content. It's ordinary, average, and forgettable. Mindless, soulless, lowest common denominator stuff the media, including most cookie cutter morning radio shows, are saturated with -- vacuous interviews with celebrities hyping their latest projects, a steady stream of superficial celebrity news and Hollywood gossip clipped from the pages of People, Us, and The National Enquirer and read breathlessly with much manufactured enthusiasm and amazement by Ryan and his cohorts. This is sad stuff.

Here's what's really scary. In the past few months, "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" has spread to approximately 140 markets, including most of the 50 largest cities in America. How did this happen? The show has no record of ratings success. The content is no different and no better than the average local radio morning show. Okay, Ryan gets more and better celebrity guests, but who cares. There's absolutely nothing special about his interviews -- no intimacy and no revelations. Listeners can get the same information by reading the press release for the new movie, CD, book, or other project the celebrity guest is hyping. Make no mistake about it; these are not Howard Stern-like interviews. There are no surprises in Ryan's fawning and shallow conversations. The show is not live, but that probably doesn't matter given its content. It's just a bunch of unoriginal recycled bits from Ryan's morning show in Los Angeles, which by the way, is not even the highest rated show on KIIS FM. So, what's going on here? Why is this show spreading? It's definitely not a virus.

"On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" exists for two primary reasons neither of which has anything to do with what comes out of a radio’s speakers or making radio listeners’ lives better. First, Ryan Seacrest is famous -- not for extraordinary talent, not for producing amazing radio content, not for producing stellar Arbitron numbers. Ryan Seacrest is famous for being the host of American Idol. Ryan Seacrest is famous for his boyish good looks. Ryan Seacrest is famous for hanging out with Simon Cowell. Second, "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is cheap programming -- a money-saving alternative to paying local personalities in 140 markets. So radio station operators blinded by fame and celebrity and driven by the need to reduce expenses are programming this drivel. Yikes!

Radio is in deep doo doo right now. Radio needs to create relevant and original content to survive. Radio needs rebels, mavericks, characters, passionate artists and innovators. Radio needs people to challenge the status quo not perpetuate it. "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is the status quo -- a very ordinary and average version of it. Exactly what radio doesn't need right now.

Radio is headed for extinction if things don't change quickly. How did it come to this? Lee Abrams provided some pretty good answers in a recent interview conducted by Al Peterson at NTS MediaOnline. Here's what Lee had to say about the radio business and the source of great ideas. "Radio was one of the last great bastions of creative thinking. There were no rulebooks, you could come up with a new format idea in your basement, take it out and try it somewhere, and if it worked you were in business. Unfortunately the radio business, which was once a place with very few rules, evolved into a business with a whole lot of rules.... all great ideas start emotionally then you use science to determine whether or not you're full of it. In most big media today everything starts scientifically and the whole emotional component gets left out entirely."

Lee's description of how radio's best programming ideas came to be and where great ideas begin sounds remarkably like what's happening on the Internet today. All kinds of goofy original ideas are being created. There is lots of experimentation going on. People are creating stuff in basements and garages all over the world and putting it out there in cyberspace to see if it flies.

This is exactly how many of radio's most successful formats and shows came to be. Rush Limbaugh created the show he wanted to listen to -- a show reflective of his ideals, his values and beliefs -- a show that broke the rules and challenged the status quo. He discovered there were lots of listeners just like him who were looking for a place to hang out and connect with like-minded people who shared their conservative values. Howard Stern created the show he wanted to listen to. Lee Abrams created a format with the music he wanted to hear. Both discovered lots of listeners just like them who liked what they liked.

Now radio creates stuff for some mythical target audience defined by simplistic and superficial research. No one breaks the rules or challenges the status quo. There's no experimentation. No risk taking. No new ideas. No innovation.

There is lots of cloning and copying. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern wannabes trying to duplicate everything these originals do. Nearly every morning show has a boy and a girl. Most are obsessed with presenting "pop culture" defined by superficial and sensational celebrity news and Hollywood gossip delivered by the girl. They talk about the same current events and news stories. Try finding a radio morning show this time of year that isn't talking about American Idol. Yes it's the top-rated show on television, but it's watched in less than 20% of homes with TVs. Radio morning shows across the dial and around the country use the same show prep services for their inspiration. Formats, music, and imaging -- all the stuff of radio programming -- have become fully homogenized at a time when the real world -- fueled by abundant entertainment and information choices made available by technology and the Internet -- has become anything but homogenized.

The problem with "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" and far too much of the programming heard on the radio these days is that it's not distinctive, it's not relevant, and it's not essential to listeners because it doesn't make their lives better. That's why mobile phones, iPods, and computers are far more important in people's lives than radios.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kelly Clarkson says she "could never be a lesbian"

This is posted for a laugh. Just read the sentence and think about it....

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Singer Kelly Clarkson, currently at the top of the U.S. pop charts, said on Tuesday she was not a lesbian but sometimes wished she was because "often times men are very hard for me."

Monday, February 02, 2009

Nash offers "Reflections," gets busy with CSN

Nash offers "Reflections," gets busy with CSN

By Gary Graff Gary Graff – Mon Feb 2, 6:08 pm ET

DETROIT (Billboard) – As his "Reflections" box set is released Tuesday (February 3), Graham Nash is already busy with a number of other projects -- including a new Crosby, Stills & Nash covers album the trio is making with producer Rick Rubin.

"I just had David and Stephen at my house in Hawaii for 10 days, and I've heard glimpses of some really great stuff," Nash told But he doesn't want to reveal the songs they're working on "until we've sat down in front of Rick and played him all the stuff we have for the record."

That will happen in mid-February. "We'll go see Rick Rubin and play it all for him. If he thinks we're ready, we'll probably go into the studio within a week and get to work," he said.

Nash -- who performs Monday night (February 2) at a show to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's last concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa -- said that CSN plans to tour this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their first album.

He's also starting work on a Stills box set, which he predicts will exceed the three-disc length of his own "Reflections" and Crosby's "Voyage" in 2006, which Nash co-produced.

"Stephen's box set is going to be much more difficult to put together because of the volume of music," Nash noted. "He was a recording fool. He would stay in (the studio) for days and record lots and lots of things."

That includes a tape of Stills jamming with Jimi Hendrix. Of that material, Nash said that he and Stills will determine "if there's enough to make a separate disc."

Concurrently, Nash is working on a Crosby Nash live disc from acoustic shows in 1993, and a benefit album for the Children's Defense Fund consisting of hit songs for which he and Crosby sang backup.

As for "Reflections" -- which features four unreleased songs and a wealth of unreleased mixes amidst its 64 tracks -- Nash said the project "was a little difficult for me, because I pride myself on not looking back and ... being much more interested in the song we're writing now and the show I'm gonna do in a week. But I was forced to look back at my musical life, and it was very interesting. Seeing all that stuff and what I wrote about emotions and love and tears and laughter and anger, it was quite a journey. I came away with the feeling that I might be worth a s--t."