Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Out today (Tuesday, November 28th) is an expanded version of David Gilmour's latest release, On An Island. Gilmour has fleshed out the package by teaming the album with a DVD of live performances. The new footage is taken from Gilmour's AOL Sessions visit in New York City in April; from his three-night stand at the Royal Albert Hall in London in May; and from his performance at the Abbey Road studios in London in August. The Albert Hall material is a teaser of sorts for a full-length DVD that will be out next year.

On An Island was released in March, and it entered the Billboard album chart at Number Six. Gilmour told us he worked on the music for the better part of a decade: "Yes, a couple of years this one's been in, in the pipeline directly. I've obviously been writing the stuff that it comes from over the last 10 years -- just jotting down little ideas and, and then popping them away into a place where I hopefully won't forget them forever, but come back to them later."

The songs featured on the On An Island DVD are: "On An Island," This Heaven," "Smile," "Take A Breath," "High Hopes," and "Comfortably Numb," from AOL; "Astronomy Domine" from Abbey Road; and "Take A Breath" from Royal Albert Hall.

The AOL Sessions material is still online at music.aol.com.

As much as I liked the original CD, I have real mixed emotions about the re-release of this as a re-package in such a short period of time. This smells like a money grabbing move to me.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beatles - "Love" CD

After hearing the CD, I think my original opinion was a bit hasty. (see my post from Tuesday, October 3) Some of the tracks are better than others and a few don't seem to work at all - i.e., "Blackbird / Yesterday". "Strawberry Fields", "Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows", and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" appear to be the stand out tracks. I know some people have said they don't like the new orchestral arrangement that was added to "While My Guitar..." that they prefer the pure acoustic version. While I really like the pure acoustic version, it can be heard on one of several boots. This version presents a completely different and previously unheard version of the song. The orchestral portion of the song is a new recording made speicifically for this project. Overall, I like the CD and I have listened to it multiple times all the way through. It seems each time I play it, I hear something new in the mix of one of the songs.

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More New Releases

Here are some more upcoming releases of klassic albums that you might be interested in.

"Nazz"- with bonus tracks Here is the ground breaking album from Todd Rundgren and company featuring the Klassic "Hello It's Me". Released in 1967 and sounding better than ever. Also included is another Klassic track "Open My Eyes". Features demo versions are "Hello It's Me" Bonus Track and Demo Version, "Open My Eyes" Bonus Track, Non-Phased Demo and Demo Version "Hello It's Me" Bonus Track / Mono Single Mix and "Open My Eyes" Bonus Track / Mono Single.

SAVOY BROWN"Hellbound Train/Street Corner Talking" Two of the most popular Savoy Brown albums now remastered, with a slip case and extensive liner notes. Originally from 1971 & 1972, these albums feature Kim Simmonds on guitar with Dave Walker (vocals), Andy Sylvester (bass), Paul Raymond (keyboards) and Dave Bidwell (drums) - all ex-Chicken Shack. Klassic tracks included are "Tell Mama", "I Can't Get Next to You", "Lost and Lonely Child", and "Hellbound Train".

PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE"Pure Prairie League/Bustin' Out" 2006 digitally remastered edition that combines the tracks of 2 original LP classics on to a single compact disc. The first two albums from Pure Praire League are two of the best of the Country-Rock era and more than match the artistry of their contemporaries.These albums have been out of print for quite a while on CD. Craig Fuller (who would later replace the late Lowell George in Little Feat) and George Powell composed solid classic tracks for these albums. But it was "Bustin' Out" that achieved the band's biggest success, with it's rich harmonies and the commercial acceptance of the group's hit "Amie", a Top 30 chart hit. Klassic tracks included: "Country Song", You're Between Me", and "Angel".

More to come in December.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Live at Fillmore East

Looks like Neil Young will be busy in November. Coming November 14th, he will release a new CD - Neil Young and Crazy Horse Live at Fillmore East. The single disc will feature the electric portion of a show recorded in 1970. The lineup includes: Danny Whitten, Neil Young, Jack Nitzsche, Billy Talbot, and Ralph Molina. This CD is rumored to be the first in a planned series of vintage Neil Young concert album releases.

Tracks on the CD are:
1. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
2. Winterlong
3. Down By The River
4. Wonderin'
5. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
6. Cowgirl In The Sand

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

New CD Releases to Watch For

Here are some upcoming new releases of klassic albums that you might be interested in.

BRIAN AUGER "Live Oblivion-Vol. 1 & 2"
This is a pair of classic mid-70s live albums by the Funk-Jazz legend. These were at one point on separate discs but are now together on one. Klassic tracks included are: Bumpin on Sunset and Happiness is Just Around the Bend.

STACKRIDGE by "Stackridge"
Finally, it is back -- you know the Klassic track "Slark" (the monster). This European prog. rock group from the '70s had several other albums out, but this is the Klassic. It has been long out-of-print and was once going for tons of money. Grab this one while you can.

ANGEL "Live Without A Net"
Highly sought after by those either into the group or into the roots-of-metal, this CD has been out of print for years. It was originally released in 1978 on Casablanca and features all of Angel's stand-out tracks performed live. It is now reissued in Europe and sounding better than ever, digitally remastered on two CDs. The set also includes freshly penned extensive liner notes. Klassic tracks are: Tower, Don't Leave Me lonely, Telephone Exchange, and Rock and Rollers.

CLIMAX BLUES BAND "Sense Of Direction"
This one is remastered with bonus tracks. It includes the Klassic track - Amerita/Sense Of Direction - which has been butchered or cut on other CBB releases. This is the full length version that we all remember. It also includes another Klassic - Reaching Out.

That's it for this time.

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