Saturday, January 27, 2007

Klassic Releases for February

Here are some Klassic releases which will be available in February..............

GARY WRIGHT (new release 1/30) "Dream Weaver & Other Hits"
Here is an amazing new "cheapie" with some of the songs by Wright that have been unavailable including "Water Sign" and "Light Of Smiles" as well as the long-time favorites "Dream Weaver" and "Love Is Alive". Tracks: 1. Water Sign 2. Love Is Alive 3. I'm the One Who'll Be by Your Side 4. Phantom Writer 5. Dream Weaver 6. Light of Smiles 7. Really Wanna Know You 8. Love Is Why 9. Made to Love You 10. Heartbeat

MANFRED MANN (new release 2/6) "Watch"
It's difficult to imagine a solid follow-up to a platinum plus recording like The Roaring Silence, but in 1978, Manfred Mann's Earth Band delivered a very consistent and enjoyable effort known simply as Watch. With the same line-up from the previous stellar effort, Mann delivered one of their most important efforts which yielded an international hit with Robbie Robertson's "Davy's On The Road Again." Tracks: 1. Circles 2. Drowing On Dry Land/Fish Soup 3. Chicago Institute4. California 5. Davy's On The Road Again 6. Martha's Madmen7. Mighty Quinn. Bonus Tracks: 1. California ( single edit) 2.Davy’s On The Road Again ( single edit) 3. Bouillabaisse ( single edit) 4. Mighty Quinn ( single edit).

MANFRED MANN (new release 2/6)"Chance"
Manfred Mann's Earth Band glided quite easily into the record charts and radio playlists with a very fine offering in 1980 with Chance. Produced by Manfred and his associate producer Trevor Rabin, Chance highlighted the fantastic vocals of Chris Thompson with the solid return of Mick Rodgers on guitar and new drummer Pat King. In addition to these musicians, Trevor Rabin, Robbie McIntosh (Pretenders, Paul McCartney) and Geoff Whitehorn (Procol Harum) all added their artistry. Manfred Mann himself wrote five of the nine songs on this project and made sure he nodded once again to his good friend Bruce Springsteen with a hit interpretation of "For You." Also charting was the song "Lies". Tracks: 1. Lies 2. On The Run 3. For You 4. Adolescent Dream 5. Fritz the Blank 6. Stranded 7. Hello I Am Your Heart 8. No Guarantee 9. Heart On The Street. Bonus Tracks: 1. A Fool I Am (b-side) 2. Adolescent Dream (single Version) 3. Lies (single version) 4. For You (single Version).

STEVE GIBBONS"Down In The Bunker"
Here is one that everyone has been waiting to return to print. It contains the underground hit "Down In The Bunker (The Girl With The Beautiful Body)" with new artwork for the cover. Tracks: 1. NO SPITTING ON THE BUS 2. ANY ROAD UP 3. DOWN IN THE BUNKER 4. BIG J.C. 5. MARY AIN'T GOIN' HOME 6. DOWN IN THE CITY 7. LET'S DO IT AGAIN 8. EDDY VORTEX 9. CHELITA 10. WHEN YOU GET OUTSIDE 11. GRACE 12. TULANE 13. GOLD COAST 14. BODY TALK 15. LET ME GO 16. SATISFYING MOVES 17. I AM HERE 18. GREAT ESCAPE 19. GET UP AND DANCE.

STEPPENWOLF"Skulduggery/Reborn To Be Wild"
These two later albums have been out of print for quite a while. Now you can get them as a two-on-one. The CD contains two highly sought after songs "Mr. Pennypincher" and "Smokey Factory Blues (great cover of the Albert Hammond song)". Tracks: (I'm A) Roadrunner; Rock & Roll Song; Train Of Thought; Life Is A Gamble; Pass It On; Sleep; Lip Service; Straight Shootin' Woman; Hard Rock Road; Another's Lifetime; Mr. Penny Pincher; Smokey Factory Blues; Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World); Get Into The Wind; Gang War Blues; Children Of Night; Skullduggery.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Oh god.....I wonder if they'll play "We Built This City"? Ch-ching.......

Microsoft has hired Jefferson Starship to help launch their new Vista operating system. The Starship will play on the back of a special Microsoft flatbed truck in four cities in the coming weeks -- Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 30th); San Francisco on February 7th; New Orleans on February 13th; and Austin, Texas, on March 14th.

All shows will be on the Microsoft/T-Mobile "Airship" Stage, and according to a message from the band's manager on the official Jefferson Starship website, "They are providing a revolutionary, dynamic portable stage that opens like a lotus from a flatbed. The truck itself is decorated with our name and the dates and can be seen cruising around the streets of the cities we are to perform in, several days in advance of the concerts." There's also a website for the Starship/Microsoft/T-Mobile project at

Microsoft's new Vista software goes on sale to consumers on Tuesday (January 30th).
Microsoft has a bit of history with new operating systems and classic rock bands -- the company reportedly gave the Rolling Stones several million dollars for the rights to use "Start Me Up" in the ad campaign for Windows 95.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

GRAEME EDGE (new release 2/19) Paradise Ballroom

Digitally remastered reissue of the 1977 release from the Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge and featuring Adrian Gurvitz on guitar with guest appearances by Ginger Baker, Ray Thomas and more. This CD has been impossible to find since its last very limited release in Japan. It contains the epic masterpiece "Paradise Ballroom".

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have personally heard this show (don't ask how I got my hands on it) and it is great. Over the years, there have been many audience recordings of early 70s Neil Young solo shows circulating - and many released on bootlegs. But, this one is the first soundboard recording. And, this is the first official release of one of the legendary early 70s solo shows. Highly recommended.

Neil Young is going back to his archives for another unreleased live album. Following on the heels of the Crazy Horse album Live At The Fillmore East 1970, which came out in November, is a performance from Massey Hall in Toronto that was recorded January 19th, 1971. Unlike the Fillmore East, this was an intimate solo performance that saw Young debut several songs from his Harvest album, which hadn't been released yet. The show included favorites including "Down By The River" and "Ohio," along with soon-to-be classics like "Old Man," "The Needle And The Damage Done," and "Heart Of Gold." Live At Massey Hall will be out March 13th.

Young said, "This is the album that should have come out between After The Gold Rush and Harvest. David Briggs, my producer, was adamant that this should be the record, but I was very excited about the takes we got on Harvest, and wanted Harvest out. David disagreed. As I listen to this today, I can see why."

Live At Massey Hall is the second part of the Neil Young Archives Performance Series. They're leading up to the release this fall of Young's Archives Volume I box set, which is expected to have eight CDs and two DVDs with studio and live recordings from the period between 1963 and 1972. Much of the material and footage is previously unreleased.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Klassic Releases for January 2007

Here are some klassic releases on CD that will be available in January 2007.

This album has not been available in the US for many years. It is now digitally remastered with two bonus tracks. Klassic tracks include: Using The Power, and I Am Constant. Bonus tracks are Evil and Couldn't Get It Right (live).

PETE TOWHSHEND "Definitive Collection".
This is the most comprehensive collection of Pete's solo work, with over 75 minutes of material. Klassic tracks include Pure & Easy, Let My Love Open The Door, Rough Boys, Slit Skirts, and Give Blood.

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Best Of Fandango (Japanese Import)

Here is a great klassic band. Their best known klassic tracks are - Blame it on the Night, Last Kiss, and Feel the Pain.

This greatest-hits compilation from Fandango is an exclusive Japanese release that has 16 tracks.

Track List -

Blame It On The Night - (studio)
Hypnotized - (studio)
Thief In The Night - (studio)
Last Kiss - (studio)
Don't Waste My Time - (studio)
Stranger (In A Strange La - (studio)
Feel The Pain - (studio)
Little Cherie - (studio)
Headliner - (studio)
Getaway - (studio)
I Would Never Leave - (studio)
Rock N Roll You - (studio)
Dancer - (studio)
Ain't No Way - (studio)
Fortune Teller - (studio)
One Night Stand - (studio)

Their other 4 studio albums are also available on CD.

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First Time In A Long Time: The Reprise Recordings [Box] [Limited]

One of the first all female bands from the early 70s. Their 4 albums have been our pf print for years. Now all four are available on CD in a boxset. "Butter Boy" was their big klassic track.

All four albums—with bonus tracks—from the first real, all-female rock band! Led by sisters June and Jean Millington, Fanny combined Beatle-esque pop with sweaty soul and the kind of unapologetically female swagger that you just never ran across back in the early ‘70s—no wonder they are and were hugely influential on the Runaways, the Go-Gos and other rockin’ distaff descendants! In fact, these four records—Fanny; Charity Ball; Fanny Hill, and the Todd Rundgren-produced Mother’s Pride—have attained serious cult status over the years, yet this is their first appearance on CD, remastered from the original tapes and garnished with tracks from the extremely rare Canadian version of their Fanny debut that was pressed from the wrong masters, demos from Wild Honey (the Millingtons’ band before Fanny), live tracks from 1972-1973 and more rarities. A 52-page book includes an exclusive, 2002 interview with June and Jean, plus rare photos and tributes from David Bowie, Bonnie Raitt and others. Limited edition of 5000—a long, long requested release!

Track List -

Come And Hold Me
I Just Realized
Candlelighter Man
Conversation With A Cop
Changing Horses
Bitter Wine
Take A Message To The Captain
It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'
Shade Me Seven Roads - (first Version)
Charity Ball - (first Version)
Place In The Country - (first Version)
One Step At A Time
Nowhere To Run
Shade Me Seven Roads - (second Version)
Lady's Choice
New Day
I Find Myself
Queen Aretha
Flame Three
Fanny Reprise Records Promo One
Fanny Reprise Records Promo Two
Fanny Reprise Records Promo Three
Charity Ball - (second Version)
What Kind Of Lover
Cat Fever
Person Like You, A
Special Care
What's Wrong With Me
Soul Child
You're The One
Thinking Of You
Place In The Country - (second Version)
Little While Later, A
Charity Ball - (single Version)
True Blue
Summer Song
Rock Bottom Blues - (backing Track)

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