Saturday, December 30, 2006


If you own the first Jimi Hendrix CD of his performances on BBC radio, please check your copy. The CD, Jimi Hendrix Radio One, was mostly manufactured at the PolyGram plant in the US [PDO]. It was released on RykoDisc.

A member of the Steve Hoffman Forum reported that he "pulled this one out to listen to today, after a long time on the shelf and it is riddled with pinholes in the aluminum."

Another member responded with a scarier tale: "A lot of PDO and WEA CDs made in the mid to late '90s should be examined if shelved for an extended period of time. Many of mine have rotted, but usually on the non-used portion of 99% of the discs I own."

"We've covered this before," said another "but there's nothing you can do to the discs except treat 'em well. It has to do with the laquer coating on the label side. Batches made in many manufacturing plants just go south at different extremes."

We checked our copy of Ryko's Jimi Hendrix Live At Winterland and yes there are pinholes but it did not affect play. Anyway, we backed up a copy.

As always, comments are welcome.


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