Saturday, December 16, 2006


The long-awaited Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live album may finally appear in 2007. David Crosby tells us that all four artists are listening to tapes from the quartet's summer tour and are beginning to make choices about what to include in the package: "I've been listening to the tracks, and they are good. And I think there will be a CSNY live CD. I think it will be from the last tour, because that was when we finally got the right bass player and drummer, and that was when we finally had some new material. And the new material really made a difference, man, because once we mastered it and we could deliver it, it made us believe in ourselves again."

The new material Crosby refers to hailed from Neil Young's heavily political album Living With War, which he released before the tour and is re-releasing Tuesday (December 19th) as Living With War/In the Beginning, featuring raw and demo versions of the songs.

Young is also putting together a documentary film from this year's tour, which is expected to accompany the live CD release.

Crosby included a live version of "Dream For Him" from CSNY's 2002 tour on his new box set, Voyage, which was co-produced by Graham Nash. He's also published a second volume of autobiography, Since Then: How I Survived Everything And Lived To Tell About It. It was co-written with screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, who also co-authored Crosby's 1988 memoir Long Time Gone.

Crosby, Stills & Nash will tour Australia and New Zealand in February, and Crosby and Nash are planning a duo tour of North America in the spring.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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