Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Woodstock '09! What could possibly go wrong?

Getty Images Rolling Stone reports that there are plans to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival with a pair of free two-day concerts taking place in both New York and Berlin, Germany.

"According to promoter Michael Lang, the New York festival will take place exactly on the 40th anniversary, August 15-16th, while the Berlin event will go down August 22-23rd at an abandoned airport. The exact location for the U.S. festival has not been determined."

Lang is apparently a co-creator of the original Woodstock and had something to do with both the Woodstock '94 and the Woodstock '99 festivals.

It's hard to know how pleased to be about this, considering how the last one turned out (And is that already 10 years ago? Wow.) with all the fires and raping and generally disgusting, doofus-y behaviour (see the tools in the accompanying photo). To be honest I think I might be too scared to go to anything with Woodstock in its name.

On the other hand, while no bands have been named for either festival, RS says organizers reportedly hope to recruit some of the acts that played the original 1969 fest, like the Who, Santana and the Grateful Dead. And those names don't exactly strike fear in the heart, despite the fact that the Who once boasted one of the craziest mickeyfickeys in rock n' roll for a drummer. Being men of a certain age, they've probably calmed down you know? Though no doubt there will be some acts under 50 to balance things out. At the 99 disaster it was artists like Insane Clown Posse, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Limp Bizkit who were accused of inciting the crowd. I hear things weren't helped by shoddy organization, overflowing porta potties or price gouging for water either.

The official Woodstock Website is currently "under construction" and offers no more info.

After the 1999 fiasco, they need to just forget any idea of continuing with this. They are just ruining the "legend" of Woodstock. But then, I'm an old fart too.