Monday, September 15, 2008


This just sounds wrong to me. I mean are the members of the group that desperate for money that they can't wait awhile until Jon is able to tour again?

Yes has found a temporary replacement for ailing singer Jon Anderson -- on YouTube. Bassist Chris Squire says that a friend sent him a video of Canadian Benoit David from the Yes tribute band Close To The Edge, and he was impressed enough to offer the singer an audition. Squire told the Associated Press, "I think it's all going to work out fine. Of course, realistically, there's an element of risk, but there always is."

The band canceled their 40th anniversary tour in June after Anderson suffered respiratory failure. Doctors ordered him to rest for six months. Squire said, "You can't ever really replace Jon Anderson, because he's been such a force in the music business. We look upon his replacement as more of an understudy." He added that he's hopeful Anderson can return next year.

Yes kicks off their In The Present tour in Ontario on November 4th. Squire will be joined by guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Alan White and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman who's the son of legendary Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman.