Sunday, March 02, 2008

Klassics on CD - March 2008

JEFFERSON STARSHIP: Spitfire/Modern Times (New release 3/4/08)
This CD two-fer featuring a double dose of Jefferson Starship on one disc! Spitfire from 1976 was a platinum seller and it features the hit singles 'With Your Love' and 'St. Charles'. Modern Times from 1981 is one of the most in-demand Jefferson Starship titles on CDand it was a gold seller with the hits 'Find Your Way Back' and 'Stranger'. The Japanese import of Modern Times is very expensive, making these two great albums on one CD a much better bargain. 1. Cruisin 2. Dance With The Dragon 3. Hot Water 4. St. Charles 5. Song To The Sun: Ozymandias 6. Don't Let It Rain 7. With Your Love 8. Switchblade 9. Big City 10. Love Lovely Love 11. Find Your Way Back 12. Stranger 13. Wild Eyes 14. Save Your Love 15. Modern Times 16. Mary 17. Free 18. Alien 19. Stairway To Cleveland

BUDDY MILES: Them Changes
This is only in print on import and is the best effort from the late, great Mr. Miles. The CD is remastered in high resolution 24-bit digital to sound better than ever before. Also it contains new liner notes and rare photos. If you don’t own any Buddy, please try this one. Tracks: Them Changes, I Still Love You Anyway, Heart's Delight, Dreams, Down By The River, Memphis Train, Paul B Allen and Your Feeling Is Mine. Originally released in 1970. RIP Buddy!

WISHBONE ASH: Argus Deluxe - 2 CD’s
2007 digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of this classic album, originally released in April 1972. This deluxe edition features the original album mix, newly remastered from the original tapes, plus rare BBC Radio sessions, live recordings from 1972 and a bonus disc featuring the band’s memorable 1972 BBC Radio One In Concert appearance which launched Argus and remains one of the best concerts recorded for radio by Wishbone Ash. Argus is perhaps the crowning moment of the recording career of Wishbone Ash. The album would become regarded by fans and critics as the definitive Wishbone Ash album, with every track becoming a requested favorite at concerts by the band to this day. Tracks: 1. Time was 2 Sometime world 3. Blowin' free 4. The king will come 5. Leaf and stream 6. Warrior 7.Throw down the sword 8. No easy road (single version) 9. The pilgrim (live 1972/memphis) 10. Phoenix (live 1972/memphis) 11. Time was (1972 BBC in concert session) 12. Blowin' free (1972 BBC in concert session) 13. Warrior (1972 BBC in concert session) 14. Throw down the sword (1972 BBC in concert session) 15.The king will come (1972 BBC in concert session) 16. Phoenix (1972 BBC in concert session) 17. Blowin' free (1972 BBC in concert session) 18. Throw down the sword (1972 BBC in concert session).

MARK-ALMOND: Mark-Almond (Expanded and Remastered)
2007 digi-pak pressing features the debut album from former John Mayall sidemen Jon
Mark and Johnny Almond plus six additional tracks pulled from their albums Mark-
Almond 2 and Mark-Almond '73. 1 - Ghetto 2 - City: Grass And Concrete/Taxi To
Brooklyn/Speak Easy It’s A Whiskey Scene 3 - Tramp And The Young Girl 4 - Love:
Renaissance/Prelude/Pickup/Hotel Backstage 5 - Song For You 6 - Bridge (Bonus Track)
7 - Bay (Bonus Track) 8 - Solitude (Bonus Track) 9 - Friends (Bonus Track) 10 - One
Way Sunday (Bonus Track) 11 - Lonely Girl (Bonus Track).