Sunday, February 24, 2008

Have We Heard the Last of Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford?

Last Sunday night from 7 to midnight CST, Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford was on the air. I know, I was in the studio for most of the show. Unknown to Clyde or any of us, when he signed off at midnight on Sunday February 17, 2008 this would be his last show on KMJX "Magic" 105FM.

What happened? Well, Clear Channel owns KMJX and a number of other FM stations in central Arkansas. It seems that KMJX has not been pulling its weight in the latest ratings. In prior years, the station was among the top 5 in the Central Arkansas area. But, it has dropped in rating significantly to its current position of number 16. So, Clear Channel has decided to "do away with" Magic 105 and move a country station to this position on the dial. There will also be a new FM station called "TOM-FM" that will be at 106.7 which was previously the frequency for the country station. Confusing? Basically, Clear Channel is giving the country station a more powerful signal by moving it to the 105.1 frequency. More information can be found here - Arkansas Business Article

So will Beaker Street reappear on another station? Too soon to say. Until then as Clyde says "Keep the faith". For updates, check the Beaker Street website - Beaker Street Website


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