Monday, May 28, 2007

New CD Releases

A few new ones worth checking out.......

Dwight Twilley
(Import; new release 6/26/07)
“Sincerely/Twilley Don’t Mind + 4 bonus tracks”.
Sincerely (1976) and Twilley Don't Mind (1977) were his first two albums and his best. Both albums remain firm favorites with Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour aficionados. Twilley, along with Big Star, Badfinger and the Raspberries, is one of the originators of power-pop. His unique blend of Beatlesque pop and Southern rockabilly influences enjoyed immediate success with the release of these critically acclaimed records. Sincerely included the Top 20 hit single 'I'm on Fire' and Twilley Don't Mind presented such outstanding tracks as 'Here She Come' and 'Looking for the Magic'. They represent Twilley at his melodic best. The package comes complete with four bonus rarities from the period. 1 - I'm On Fire 2 - Could Be Love 3 - Feeling In The Dark 4 - You Were So Warm 5 - I'm Losing You 6 - Sincerely 7 - Tv 8 - Release Me 9 - Three Persons 10 - Baby Let's Cruise 11 - England 12 - Just Like The Sun 13 - Here She Comes 14 - Looking! For The Magic 15 - That I Remember 16 - Rock And Roll '47 17 - Trying To Find My Baby 18 - Twilley Don't Mind 19 - Sleeping 20 - Chance To Get Away 21 - Invasion 22 - I Don't Know My Name (Bonus Track) 23 - Shark (In The Dark) (Bonus Track) 24 - Didn't You Say (Bonus Track) 25 - You Never Listen To My Music (Bonus Track).

“Very Best Of”.- 2 CD Set.
It has taken a long time to get a hits compilation on Jesse back in print. This set includes 3 original recordings by The Youngbloods-Hey Babe, Get Together and Sunlight and lots of highlights from his solo career including Lovely Day, Ridgetop, Song For Juli, Songbird, Light Shine, Gray Day, Swept Away and many more.
Disc 1
1 Hey Babe 2:42
2 Get Together 1967 4:38
3 Sunlight 1969 3:10
4 Sugar Babe 3:38
5 Good Times 4:21
6 It's a Lovely Day 3:13
7 Ridgetop 7:02
8 Song for Juli 4:59
9 California Child 2:24
10 Light Shine 5:25
11 Songbird 4:17
12 Before You Came 6:09
13 Higher & Higher 3:18
14 The Peace Song 4:39
15 Miss Hesitation 6:34
16 T-Bone Shuffle 6:08
17 Darkness, Darkness 3:19
Disc 2
1 Eyes on the Prize 3:23
2 Four in the Morning 3:57
3 Sometimes 2:52
4 Grey Day 11:19
5 Workin' 5:07
6 The Perfect Stranger 4:35
7 Fight for It 3:53
8 The Highway Is for Heroes 5:41
9 Do It Slow 4:23
10 Desire 4:30
11 Swept Away 4:25
12 Makin' It Real 5:04
13 Y! ou Are the One 3:37
14 Lovin' You 3:47
15 Living in Paradise 3:23
16 Imagine/What's Going On 4:15
17 Sweet Good Times 3:30.

NITE CITY (Import)“Nite City/Golden Days, Diamond Nights”.
Here’s a two-on-one nobody would have bet on being released. This was a side project of Ray Manzarek that has been largely forgotten until now. It sounds more like The Tubes and Mott the Hoople (says one Doors fan) but might be worth having in your collection. Tracks from the first Nite City (1977) include: 1 Summer eyes 2 Nite 3 Love will make you mellow 4 Angel w/ no Freedom 5 Midnight queen 6 Bitter sky blue 7 Caught in a panic 8 In the pyramid 9 Game of skill . Tracks not given for the second album.

Dave Mason (New release 5/8/07)“Live At XM Satellite Radio”.
US only release! In 2007, Dave Mason and his band entered into the beautiful XM studios in Washington D.C., and recorded this live album. This unique session was performed in front of an intimate gathering of friends and fans. From start to finish, it is a solid 100% classic Dave Mason concert. Also included are two new studio tracks. First, there is the very rare Dave Mason/Jim Capaldi duet of the classic 40,000 Headmen. Recorded shortly before his untimely death, Jim Capaldi truly sings his soul out on this revisit to the Traffic era. In addition there is one new track, 'Dead Dumb and Blind'. Tracks: Introduction; World In Changes; Only You Know And I Know; We Just Disagree; Dave Mason Interview; Look At You, Look At Me; Dear Mr. Fantasy; All Along The Watchtower; Feelin’ Alright; Closing. Bonus Tracks: Take It To The Limit (unreleased live recording from Orange County, CA); 40,000 Headmen (unreleased studio duet with Jim Capaldi); Deaf, Dumb! and Blind ( new studio recording).

SHOOTING STAR “Anthology”.
The 2-disc set covers the band’s entire career from their 1980 debut through 2006 (Circles). Songs include: You've Got What I Need, Bring It On, Tonight, Rainfall, Last Chance, Hang On For Your Life, Are You On My Side, Hollywood, Breakout, Are You Ready, Heartache, Where You Gonna Run, Weary Eyes, Preview, Straight Ahead, Taken Enough, Burning, Winner, Christmas Together, Touch Me Tonight, Summer Sun, Heat Of The Night, When You're Young, Don't Walk Away, It's Not Over, Believe In Me, We Can't Wait Forever, Blame It On The Night, Let's Roll, I Need Your Touch, Leap Of Faith, Don't Walk Away II, Call It Love, Train Rolls On, Get Ready Boy, George's Song.


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